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Health and Success in your hands with "SU JOK"!

Hailed as the most important discovery of the century, SU-JOK Acupressure and Seed Therapy method will help you get rid of your aches via completely natural methods.

SU - JOK Seed Therapy was discovered by Prof. Park Jae Woo, a South Korean scientist's. After many years of careful observation and clinical experience, he has developed a new system that uses only hands and feet, working on the same principle as ear and body acupuncture. Professor Woo has found a complete system at the hands and feet that represent the whole body. When applied to the right spots of the hands and feet, many diseases and pain treatments have been observed. SU-JOK Acupressure is natural, practical and highly efficient.

Moreover, there is no such thing as a wrong application! If SU-JOK is applied incorrectly, it will only be ineffective, not cause any other pain and will never affect any other organs. You should absolutely try this method, which has no side effects, will help you know your body, and heal yourself by using a simple method.

You can join our trainings to learn SU-JOK Acupressure and Seed Therapy and apply it to yourself and your loved ones.

For more detailed information about SU - JOK Seed Therapy training please visit the Continuing Education Center website.




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