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The WIE of the Year Award Goes to Yeditepe

Yeditepe University has been given the WIE of the year Award at the "IEEE 8th Region – 2018 Women In Engineering (WIE)". The award is organized by the Women in Engineering (WIE), an advocate of gender equality branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a leading technical organization in the world working on the development of engineering theories and practices in Engineering.

Özgenur Sevgili, a student at Yildiz Technical University Department of Mathematics Engineering was awarded the "WIE Volunteer Student of the 8th WIE Region of the Year" prize at the awards which was attended by dozens of universities from England, France, Italy and many other countries.

Students from our school, Yeditepe WIE Board of Directors Didem Ceren Öztürk, Yiğit Güzel, Asena Hitapsu Dindar, Öykü Aypak, Serhat Karslı, Yaren Özbakır and Yeditepe WIE Advisor Dr. Funda Yıldırım and Özgenur Sevgili will receive their awards at the 2018 IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit held in Tunisia on 10-11 and 12 August.

The winners of the IEEE 8th Region "2018 Women In Engineering Awards" are as follows:

WIE 8th Region "Affinity Group of the Year": Tunisia WIE AG

WIA 8th Region "Student Affinity Group of the Year": WIA Yeditepe University, Turkey

WIE 8th Region "WIE Section Volunteer of the Year": Ilhem Kallel, Tunisia

WIA 8th Region  “WIA Student Volunteer of the Year": Özgenur Sevgili, Turkey