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Dean Prof. Dr. Haluk Kabaalioglu
LL.M.(Columbia), LL.M.(Brussels), Professor of Commercial Law, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law    A successful lawyer today must acquire excellent command of legal knowledge and skills in Law School in order to compete in an increasingly competitive and complex global environment, which he or she will face during a future career in law.

In addition to  a modern  law school curriculum  in Turkish law, introductions to foreign and international legal systems are certainly a "must"  for the curriculum in order to prepare students for an international practice, so that they can work alongside other lawyers around the world.  Yeditepe University Law School believes that it is extremely important to have a good command of legal English. After one full academic year attending on campus an  intensive "English Language Preparatory School", first year law students taketwo semesters courses on "English Legal Terminology" (six hours per week) in order to master their understanding of legal texts.    

While courses on Turkish Law are given in the Turkish language, a number of international and comparative law courses are taught in English. In addition to the standard Turkish Law curriculum, students are taught in English a wide range of supplementary courses, such as  "International Law", "Comparative Law", "Common Law of Contracts", "Common Law of Torts", "Introduction to U.S. Law", "European Union Law and Institutions", "European Union Law of Economy", "European Human Rights Law", "International Commercial Arbitration", "Competition Law", "European Company and Capital Markets Law", "Corporate Governance in Europe",  "Private International Law", "Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights", "Air Law", "International Business Transactions", "International Human Rights of Woman", "International Maritime Transport Law ".Yeditepe Law students are also given German language courses for a three years period as well as 150 hours of intensive German language courses during summer terms, so that they can acquire a good command of at least two foreign languages.    Enrollment in Yeditepe University Law School is determined by the scores students receive in a nationwide university entrance examination given each year. Thirty students who rank within the top 750 among more than a million students in the nationwide exam opt for Yeditepe University Law School, which is a good indicator of the high level of student body.

One of the aims of the Faculty of Yeditepe University Law School is to provide students with the opportunity to combine their theoretical knowledge with an awareness of legal practice so as to enable them to adjust to the legal profession with minimum difficulty in the future. For this purpose, the undergraduate curriculum includes courses such asCivil Law Moot Court and Criminal Law  Moot Court, which are taught in a simulated court environment.   Under the framework of the Erasmus Program, the Yeditepe University Law School  has signed agreements with over fifty other European universities. Each semester Yeditepe University Law School welcomes over thirty law students from other countries. Taking into consideration the internationalization of law in a global world, Yeditepe University Law School  hosts numerous international lectures, symposiums and other activities. The Regional Finals of European Law Moot Court Competition were held at Yeditepe University, with the participation of 100 students from 14 countries.  Yeditepe University also hosted the Second Annual Conference of the International Consortium on Legal Education, at which deans from 60 law schools from 28 different countries attended. Erasmus Consortium of Paris X Nanterre University was also held at Yeditepe with the participation of over thirty Law Schools. Yeditepe University  Law School also  organizes joint seminars with the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law in Russia and Kazakhstan.    
Yeditepe University's Faculty of Law has a number of joint programs with  law schools in other countries. Yeditepe law professors teach in the Annual Summer School for  American University Washington College of Law held at Yeditepe since 2004 for U.S. law students. In exchange, each year Yeditepe students attend a summer school at Washington College of Law specially organizeded for Yeditepe Law students. In addition to a number of other joint programs, we have Dual LL.M. degree program with Loyola University Law School (New Orleans). Loyola also admits our students to its Summer School with scholarships. The University of East Anglia grants a scholarship for its LL.M. Program each year for a Yeditepe graduate with the highest cumulative GP.    
The LL.M. and the Ph.D. programs of  Yeditepe University Law School,  within the framework of  the Institute of Social Studies, offer students the chance to be taught by prominent Yeditepe academics, visiting professors, senior judges, specialists and Turkish and foreign  legal practitioners. Our graduate programs distinguish themselves from other graduate programs in Turkey due to the emphasis they place on International Business Transactions, International Arbitration, Criminal Law, EU Law as well as to our co-operation with numerous foreign universities.
Full information concerning the courses offered members of the teaching staff with their CVs, activities of the Law School going back for some eight years and other information may be found at our web pages.