Molecular Medicine Department (Doctorate)


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Aim of the Molecular Medicine Master and Doctorate Programmes, coordinated by the Molecular Medicine Department, Institute of Health

 Molecular Medicine is a multidisciplinary science field: it forms a basis for research to diagnose and treat diseases, with the help of the developments in biology, biochemistry and other relevant fields.



The aim of the molecular medicine education is to impart to the researchers the knowledge required to acquire and use information in biology, computer sciences, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, engineering etc., the skills to think in a multidisciplinary way, and the insight in (sub) disciplines, which are important in molecular medicine research. The Molecular Medicine Master and Doctorate Programme graduates will be able to prepare a plan of investigation in which are described the hypothesis, the background, the planning, the methods and the analysis; and set up and carry out new plans of investigation and hypothesis (e.g. on protein structure, gene variations, chemical inhibition, molecular mechanisms of various diseases and treatment) with the help of the developing technology.  

Within this framework, the Molecular Medicine Master and Doctorate Programme is very important to train new and qualified researchers and academicians in this field.

The main aim of the Molecular Medicine Master and Doctorate Programme is to train scientifically qualified researchers who are able to create translational connections between (sub) disciplines, such as molecular basis of diseases, treatment, prevention, general clinical biochemistry and genetics; using patient-focused classic medicine and modern biology techniques.  

Learning Objectives : The Doctorate in Molecular Medicine will have the ability to analyze critically and independently the own research, in relation to study design and performance as well as to the results, continue to improve knowledge and skills and to update knowledge and skills regularly, and the knowledge of molecular medicine related subjects, the most important research questions and of the state of the art of development of theories.  

Learning Outcomes : The Doctorate Programme in Molecular Medicine aims to train medical faculty graduates or biomedically focused masters and related masters in science field to become researchers with in depth knowledge, attitudes and skills in the molecular medicine field. Researchers should be able to follow new developments in the health field, educate the society on genetic and environmental subjects and translate scientific know-how into social questions. 






Students with a bachelor's degree in Medicine and/or master's degree in science or medicine are eligible to the Doctorate Programme in Molecular Medicine.



In order to receive the degree of Doctorate in Molecular Medicine, a student has to complete 40 credit-points + Thesis (70 ECTS).

Duration of the programme is four years. The fist year of Doctorate Programme in Molecular Medicine is composed of compulsory courses covering the basics of the subject.  Students should collect 10 credit-points in the fall and 7 credit-points in the spring period of the 1st year.  Second year of the programme includes optional courses where a student should collect 12 credit-points in the fall and 11 credit-points in the spring period, total of 23 credit-points. Students will participate in the research; projects and journal clubs of the institute and will do pre-research for their thesis. Students should perform the necessary experiments and complete their thesis on the 3rd and 4th years of the programme. 



In order to receive the degree of Doctorate in Molecular Medicine, a student has to complete  240 ECTS

120 ECTS ( courses) +  120 ECTS (Thesis)=  240 ECTS

4 Semester course period + 4 Semester thesis period = 8 Semester for doctorate programme

At the end of the course period students have to undergo the Efficiency Examination to start thesis period.

Students must choose obligatory lessons, then the rest of ECTS must be completed with elective lessons to obtain 30 ECTS in total. The elective lessons which taken by the students could not be arranged under % 25 of total attented lessons.

Each student must give at least one seminar during the whole program.

Passing mark for doctorate student is 75 ( CB ) . This mark involves % 40 of midterm plus % 60 of final exam.

Each lesson's obligatory attending percentage is 80 % (minimum)

Course language is Turkish and English.

The program's lessons are going in an interactive way by the use powerpoint slide show and internet to find data sourses that are related to lessons if needed. To get more benefit from lessons, students can contact to their teachers and to each other by e-mail and students academic information system of yeditepe university website.