Prof. Dr. Ayşe Zekiye ABALI


Built environment, open and closed spaces, public and private places, legacy of the past and the requirements of present, and all of their elements are in the responsibility of the architecture profession. Buildings are expensive and permanent objects with a great variety, and should be designed providing solutions that oversee the benefits of the public, the nature, the user, the investor which undoubtedly requires knowledge in various fields. That’s why architecture education must provide scientific, artistic and technological features for students. Yeditepe University Department of Architecture prepared its educational principles based on these purposes and in accordance with “UIA/UNESCO Charter for Architectural Education” in April 1996.

In Yeditepe University, Department of Architecture our aim is to educate young architects who can fulfill their responsibilities with their communication skills, who can properly analyze global and local conditions, and be able to compete with architects worldwide. Our academic staff is consisted of 20th and 21st Century academicians who carry out the method of “learning through doing”. In four years of architecture education first year is dedicated to architectural approach and basic visual communication training, in later academic years technical and cultural topics are more focused and the gained knowledge is aimed to be visualized through Architectural Design classes.

As the academic the biggest gain of our effort is the success stories of our graduates. That’s why we expect students passionate about architecture to our university.


Prof. Ayşe Zekiye ABALI