Architecture is an archaic profession whose roots are reaching to ten thousand years; who also is a candidate to become an intrinsic factor of the age of information.

The basics of our education depend upon "UIA / UNESCO Charter of Architectural Education issued at April 1996". This charter explains "The Basics of Architectural Education" as the manifestation of the ability to conceptualize, coordinate and execute the idea of building rooted in human tradition, and describes its goal as to develop the architect as a globalist and generalist able to resolve the contradictions which can always rise in between different requirements of humanity.

The twenty-first century has to be the age of a new democracy where independent individuals can freely communicate with each other under the roof of a unique cultural world mosaic. In such a world, Turkish architects can protect and issue the individuality of their identities, only with the help of the vast abundance of Turkish cultural mosaic. Therefore our undergraduate education also aims to express the professional deposits of this heritage.

Our aim in Yeditepe University is to raise young architects who will be able to fulfill their responsibilities with their communicative abilities towards humanity; as well who also be able to participate and dispute with the minds of world architects by the help of their professional qualities. Our team consists of a mixture of experienced twentieth and twenty first century architects, who are applying the method of "learning through doing", since a long time. In the architectural education of four year, the first year is the introduction to the architecture, and in 2nd, 3rd and 4th years it is essential for students to accomplice 6 design projects, including graduation project.

From the academic year of 2004-2005, post-graduate education in architecture has been commenced. The course leads the award of Master's Degree in Architecture, either by research & thesis or design projects and/or thought courses.

We are a part of the university which is continuing the renaissance of Atatürk. Depending upon these merits we are ready to carry our students to further horizons...