Business Administration Club

President: Ersun ARICI

Advisor:      / Faculty Of Economy And Admınıstratıve Scıences

Our Goal: Yeditepe University Management Club (YUMAC) believes in the necessity of personal development, when it comes to the tedious path from university to business life. It functions as a bridge between the student of Yeditepe University and the business world. We aim to provide our students with the opportunities that would help them reach their dreams. We wish to be become a contemporary, respected, active, and revolutionary student club that any student of Yeditepe University would feel glad to be a part of. In the light of this goal, we have organized a lot of certificated programs, case studies, company excursions, and interviews. In the meantime, our goal is to bring together our students with middle level directors as well as executive leaders in the highest positions at the organizations in Turkey and worldwide. Additionally, we wish to guide our students throughout their university experience, and to ensure that they become self-confident students, who know what they want to do when they finish university by exchanging our own experiences.