Directorate of Editorial Affairs


Director of Editorial Affairs
0216 578 00 00 (1392)

The Editorial Directorate;

It ensures that all kinds of manuscripts received from the administrative units of the University related to the General Secretariat and other departments within the Rectorate are distributed and coded over the EDSS (Electronic Document Software System). It also provides communication among Rectorate units and distributes incoming and outgoing documents over the EDSS.

It is the responsibility of the of Editorial Directorate to ensure that nothing goes wrong with all kinds of petitions, daily transfers and the flow of documents from the Units, Yeditepe University Hospital, Yeditepe University Dental Hospital, individuals and non-institutional departments to the Rectorate. It is also their responsibility that entries are made into the EDSS system and sent to the relevant institutions and units on time, and necessary precautions for these procedures are taken.