Directorate of Student Affairs

Directorate of Students Affairs is responsible of creating documents of all students at our university, updating and archiving these documents. Within this scope, it prepares any kind of documents about our students (student certificate, transcript, student identification card etc.) and it carries out any kind of procedures with the units inside and outside of the university (military recruitment procedures, pass procedures of transportation, pardon, internal/ external transfer procedures etc.) as well as archiving all sorts of documents related to the students of our university.

Apart from this, we provide consultancy service to all students and their relatives about registration procedures and other steps.

Our team comprises 3 officers at the graduate-level procedures and 9 officers dealing with undergraduate level students, who are profoundly experienced in their fields, bearing the responsibility of all student affairs.







Director of Student Affairs
0216 578 00 00 / 1286


Assistant Director of Student Affairs
0216 578 00 00 / 1360​


Administrative Staff