‘Designs on the Track of Civilization’ Exhibition

Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture faculty instructor, artist Babür Kerim Incedayı's exhibition titled "Designs on the Track of Civilization", is on display for art lovers at the RC Art Gallery on Bilkent Sanat Street.

The exhibition, opened on March 3, exhibits paintings and designs of adaptations from models and articles used in B.C. Anatolia. All are handmade examples made of silver, silver or gold-plated, obsidian, diabase, marble and ceramic materials.

About the exhibition that can be visited until May 10, Babür Kerim Incedayı said that the Anatolian lands hosted more than 26 civilizations and that sovereignties were established on these lands. He added "As a designer, I tried to adapt the lifestyles of those sovereignties to today. In this exhibition, there are helmets and headpieces used during the war, and there are items used in daily life."

"Everything is handcrafted, there are no computers"

Pointing out that he supervised all drawing and application processes from the beginning, Incedayı said:

"I have a team I call heroes without names. I work in Istanbul with 5 craftsmen working in inns from the 1700s century; an inlayer, a polisher, a hammersmith, a tinman, an operator ... We take it out of the mold and continue with handcrafting. Everything here is handcrafted, there are no computers. "