Fall 2019 Issue of Global Media Journal--Turkish Edition Released!

Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication Public Relations and Publicity Department’s internationally peer-reviewed online journal "Global Media Journal--Turkish Edition" Fall 2019 19th issue has been released.

The Global Media Journal, an online and open access academic journal, is published in 14 countries ​​in various languages. The Global Media Journal--Turkish Edition (GMJ--TR) is published online by Yeditepe University twice a year in the spring and fall periods. The journal, which aims to create a network among academicians and inform each other about their work, includes academic studies written in Turkish or English in the field of global communication.

Since the first day of publication in 2002, the journal has been attracting attention by many scholars, researchers and communication-related institutions. The journal includes work on a wide range of topics such as media and culture, global media, intercultural communication, consumer culture, the role of the media in democratic governance, global justice, propaganda, commercialization of news, new media technologies, regional media and regulations about the media.

Visit for the Fall Edition 2019 of Global Media Journal--Turkish Edition.