TÜSİAD | Bu Gençlikte İş Var!

Founded in 2011, TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var!, is a program that aims to provide university students with an innovative aspect and entrepreneurship skills by enabling them to have interactions with the businesses and support them from the hatch to, ultimately, guidance.

Having been started as a business ideas competition in 2011, TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var has ben reconfigured in time in accordance with the needs of the young people by renewing the format with entrepreneurial reflexes. Adding Entrepreneurship Camp to its processes in 2015-2016 term as well as TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship Club in 2017, by 2018-2019 term, TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var has been evolved into a program that provides all kinds of support for young and aspiring businesspeople.

By the TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var program that will take place between 11-15 February, 2020 in our university, you also may have a comprehensive insight about the world of entrepreneurship.

Program aims and web site: bugenclikteisvar.com/index.php/program

  • To improve the awareness and qualifications for entrepreneurship around Turkey;
  • To encourage innovative life in all levels of the society, primarily young people, and offer entrepreneurship as a career option,
  • To contribute to the development of the multi-centric ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

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