Graduate Applications



Students and working professionals who wish to realize their career goals with Yeditepe University Master’s and Doctoral Programs have an opportunity to have an education that is on international standards.

 With a diverse selection of 83 Master’s and 43 Doctoral programs, 2019-2020 Fall term is going to start shortly.

What you might achieve with Yeditepe University post-graduate programs?

You receive your education from an elite staff of academics and business professionals.

You can maximize your mastery with interdisciplinary programs.

You can make a difference in your career with strong university – industry collaborations and you can seek new goals.

Thanks to our agreements with select universities around the World and with scholarships for research projects, you will develop further personally and professionally.













While extending your vision with the specialized academic staff and under the supervision of the expert lecturers from the private industry, Yeditepe MBA enables you to make a difference in your career. If you wish, you may participate in the lectures in schools that we have an agreement with abroad.

Yeditepe Executive MBA Program brings an elite group of academics and igh-level corporate directors together. Also, professionals in our program accumulate unforgettable experiences with corporate trips and lectures abroad.













Interaction Design Master’s Program educates qualified individuals who can meet the expectations of the industry and design customer-focused methods of interaction for current and developing technologies.

With Animation Design Master’s Program, post-graduate studies in the fields of animation and visualization enable us to raise qualified designers to work in advertising, cinema, television, multimedia and various fields of education industries.













Master’s Program of Financial Economy focuses on the field of Finance Engineering. It analyses the structure of the products and mediums in the financial markets and it aims to observe their price movements and risk – benefit rates in global and local financial markets in the scale of the performances of the models produced.

With the Visual Communication Design Master’s Program, we aim to use various medias as visual design tools in this new era of communication and our aim is to educate students who are qualified in the field of digital technologies, interdisciplinary and able to use their qualifications in theory and in application.













 In Sociology Master’s Program, in collaboration with other disciplines such as economy, architecture, political sciences and communication, we conduct educational and research activities and we aim to educate students towards their academic and professional careers.

With Management Information Systems Master’s Program, which brings its students a different vision with its various topics including entrepreneurship, e-trade and information technologies, you can have a different career path and have innovative development opportunities.



With International Trade and Logistics Master’s Program, you can take your career further in international markets as well as you can make the most of your management skills in trade and logistics.

With Information Technologies and Social Media Master’s Program, we present an education that makes a difference in transition from Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0 while providing an education that consists innovative classes such as social media literacy and artificial intelligence applications in education. For this program that has been established for the first time in Turkey in Yeditepe University, we offer a 30% discount for the registered personnel of Ministry of National Education and members of educational labor unions.














With Educational Design and Teaching Master’s Program, our students, who obtain a highly qualified education on critical thinking and learning strategies, evaluate the educational matters with a wide perspective. Also, a 30% discount for the registered personnel of Ministry of National Education and members of educational labor unions are provided by our university.

With Education Management and Evaluation Master’s Program, we provide the personnel of our institutions with the necessary and up-to-date information and skills. Also, a 30% discount for the registered personnel of Ministry of National Education and members of educational labor unions are provided by our university.













International German Management of Business Administration is a program that aims to educate professionals that are qualified in management and finance as well as having international work ethics and are able to use German as a language of conducting business.

Radio, Cinema and Television Program aims to raise its graduates with an interdisciplinary perspective of contemporary world and media relations by keeping the critical thinking, which is a fundamental requirement in the industry, as its focal point. 













In our world where industry is developing rapidly, Occupational Helath Safety program, aims to educate its graduates who have the theoretical knowledge regarding a handful of industries in the field of occupational safety and worker health, as well as are able to apply this theoretical knowledge.

Healthcare Physics program aims to educate healthcare professionals by approaching the methods and concepts of physics in an innovative way and presenting them in an applied way with the integration of technology.












Having an interdisciplinary education in the fields of engineering and management in terms of sustainable energy, Yeditepe University Sustainable Energy Program aims to help you make a difference in your career by providing you with an education that will direct the national and international sustainability as well as structural environmental research and contribute to the production of knowledge. .

Graduate School of Ataturk’s Principles and Revolution History program, by taking actions about the understanding the fundamental principles of the philosophy of Republic of Turkey fully and correctly, aims to contribute its students with the roles of the past events in shaping the future by their effects today.