Advertisers of the Future from Yeditepe

Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising Design and Communication students Burak Berber, Tunç Turan, Fatmanur Küçükkuzucu and Hilal Kaygısız, won third prize in the "Hürriyet Genç Kırmızı" contest.

Organized by Hürriyet, the 15th "Kırmızı Awards" is a competition where Turkey’s most creative advertising works are rewarded. The winners were announced at a ceremony at Uniq Hall Istanbul. The 10th "Young Kırmızı" category, which is part of the “Kırmızı awards”, was attended by a total of 511 students and 195 teams from 32 universities and 36 faculties across the country.

The Yeditepe University team was deemed worthy of the third prize at the competition where 3rd and 4th grade university students competed for the best book cover design for Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaiden’s Tale”.