Certificate of Achievement given to Students Entering Faculties with the Highest Scores

Students who were placed at Yeditepe University faculties by receiving the highest scores at the university entrance exam were given Higher Education Council Achievement Certificates at a ceremony held in the Senate Chamber of the University. The students received their documents from Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl.

List of Students With the Highest Scores
Name - Surname Faculty – Department
İLKE GÖKSEL Faculty of Dentistry (English)
ECESU SEZEN Faculty of Pharmacy (English)
HAMİDE HİLAL KIR Faculty of Education (English Language Teaching)
IRMAK YAVLAL      Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Translation Studies)(English)
HALİT EREN MORATLAR   Faculty of Fine Arts (Culinary Arts) (English)
PELİN DONDURMACIOLĞLU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Scien. (Polt. Intr. Reltns)
FATİH TOPGÜL         Faculty of Communication (RAD. TV. And SİN.) (English)
GÖKSEL KABADAYI           Faculty of Engineering (Computer Eng.) (English)
YURDANUR BİRSU TİTİZLER Faculty of Commerce (International Finance) (English)  
EGE ÖZ          Faculty of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy and Rehab) (English)
BARKIN KAHVECİGİL        Faculty of Medicine (English)
AYHAN SANCAKLI  Faculty of Architecture (English)