Huge Atatürk Photograph Archive at Yeditepe University

Ethem Tem Took The Photos, Suzan Kapsız Archived Them, Yeditepe University Protects Them...

Huge Atatürk Photograph Archive at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University, whose motto is "The University that Continues the Renaissance of Atatürk", is hosting a large archive of Atatürk' photographs. The Graduate School of Ataturk's Principles and Revolution History hosts thousand pieces of Atatürk photographs by Ataturk photographer Ethem Tem.









Many of Suzan Kapsiz's donations to the university, which consist of never-seen before photos, have been converted to a digital form using special techniques. The photographs are displayed at the "Atatürk Photographs Exhibition" on the fifth floor of the Rector's building.

Vice Rector of Yeditepe University and Director of the Graduate School of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History Prof. Dr. Tülay Baran talked about the archive of Atatürk Photographs:

How did you obtain Suzan Kapsız’ Atatürk photographs taken by Atatürk photographer Ethem Tem?

We obtained the photographs through a photograph donation from Suzan Kapsız, who is a collector of Atatürk photographs. Mr. Suzan Kapsiz said that she provided photos from Ethem Tem's wife.


There are around a thousand photos of Ataturk in the university archive. How did you put these together?

All photographs of Atatürk, including photographs taken by Ethem Tem, were obtained though donations made by Suzan Kapsiz. In addition to this, there are Atatürk portraits made by Prof. Dr. Gülveli Kaya at the exhibition.

How did you sort the photos?

The photographs were sorted according to their subjects rather than a chronological order.




How do you protect the photos?

Photographs are under the protection of the Graduate School of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History.

How were the photos transferred to digital media?

The photos were processed to digital media by the 'Photo Film Center', which is part of our university.

Which are the most interesting photographs and what are their stories?

The chance to see Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's love for humanity, his commandership, his statesmanship, all his photos with the people and among the people make all the photographs interesting and important.


How do you plan to bring these photos to the public?

The photographs are on permanent exhibition on the fifth floor of the Rector's building and open to anyone who wants to see them. We also plan to make and publish an album of the photos. This will contribute to the photographs becoming public.

How will you improve this archive from now on?

We aim to increase the number of photographs available to us as much as possible, to make less known photographs more visible, to transform them into publications and thus make them more known. In addition, we want to find unknown stories and match them with their photographs.

You can see the photos in the page of the Graduate School of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History.

Source: Sözcü


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