Information Center Employee Betül Kurt at ANKOSLink 2018

Yeditepe University Information Center employee Betul Kurt earned the right to display the poster "Coadsys" at the largest library event in Turkey, the Anadolu University Libraries Consortium ANKOSLink 2018.

Betül Kurt succeeded to be among the first 16 posters to be exhibited and the first 3 posters to be presented at the "Best Poster Presentations" session at the 6th ANKOSLink 2018, which will take place at Antalya Belek between April 17-20.

Because this year marks the 6th competition, ANKOS is granting 6 Accommodation Scholarships and Betül Kurt is one of the winners of this accommodation scholarship.

Betül Kurt will also give a presentation at the conference.

About ANKOSLink 2018:

ANKOSLink 2018 is an international conference where all sources needed to follow the latest developments, develop new services and improve existing services are gathered under one roof.