Turkey's Biggest Model United Nations Conference was held at Yeditepe

Turkey's first Model United Nations (MUN) club, Yeditepe University Model United Nations Club celebrated its 10th year with Turkey's largest MUN conference.

Yeditepe University Model United Nations Club (YMUN) held the 10th "Yeditepe Model United Nations Training and Development Conference" on 8-10 December. 16 committees took place at Turkey's largest Model United Nations Conference which was attended by more than a thousand high school and university students from 104 schools out of 14 districts.

Students from all over Turkey simulated the United Nations and the European Union as well as different international organizations with committees. Students who engaged in conference debates in English presented new solutions and legislation while dealing with global issues.

At the opening speech of the conference, Onuralp Acar, the General Director of the Conference and the Chairman of Yeditepe University Model United Nations (YMUN), said that conferences like these give important values to the youth and said "It is our duty to prepare a brilliant generation for our future by making our friends acquire multiple competencies in many different fields." Onuralp Acar, who stated that they made much bigger preparations for the tenth year of the conference, said that they were very happy with the positive feedback they received.