Yeditepe Hand in hand with Children for "Sustainability"

Within the scope of sustainability studies, Yeditepe University organized a "do-it-yourself" workshop entitled "Product Design from Waste Materials" aimed at summer school students aged 7-11 age from Ferhatpaşa Science and Art Center of Ataşehir Municipality


The workshop was held with the support of students from the Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture, Industrial Design and Interior Architecture and the Environment and Landscape Design Directorate to emphasize the importance of recycling and to create awareness on this issue. At the workshop, which was held for three days between 16-18 July, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşem Başar, Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı Hatırnaz, Assist. Prof. Dr.  Lütfiye Kozlan and instructor Ergin Yetkin took charge as executives while scholarship students and research assistants from the Department of Industrial Products Design and Interior Architecture participated as assistants.

In the scope of the activity, vertical garden works made from waste plastic bottles of different sizes were placed at the garden wall of the Ferhatpaşa Science and Arts Center. The lighting designs made by the students during the workshop will be exhibited at the Ataşehir Municipality and Yeditepe University in September.