Vice Rector

Prof. Fatma Yeşim EKİNCİ
Vice Rector

Dr. F. Yesim Ekinci received her BS Degree from Ankara University, Turkey; and MS and Ph.D. Degrees from Clemson University, USA, in the area of Food Science and Microbiology. She did her postdoctoral study between 2001-2002 at the University of California Irvine Microbiology and Molecular Genetic Department. She worked for 5 years at Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, as Assistant Professor. During that time, she has been to INRA, The Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology, Narbonne, France; and to the Department of Food Science, Volcani Research Center, Israel, as Research Scientist. Currently, she is teaching and conducting research at the Food Engineering and Biotechnology Program at Yeditepe University as Professor.

Her research areas mainly focus on analysis of biological activity (antimicrobial, anticancer, antioxidant) and bioavailability of natural bioactive compounds; characterization of interactions of bioactive compounds with lactic acid bacteria; and development of in vitro human gut model systems; development of innovative and rapid methods in microbiology including early detection, identification, and characterization of foodborne pathogens or human-associated bacteria; production, optimization and mechanism of action of bacteriocins produced by beneficial microorganisms. Prof. Ekinci is a country ambassador to the American Society for Microbiology and advisory board member of the Turkish Food Safety Association. She has received several grants and published peer-reviewed papers in international and national journals and conferences. She presently holds the dual positions of Chairperson of the Department of Food Engineering and Vice President for Research at Yeditepe University.


Phone:  +90 216 578 00 00