Yeditepe University’s Dilek Awards Found Their Owners

Yeditepe University’s Dilek Awards, in which Yeditepe University students voted for the best of the year in 28 different categories in the fields of culture, art, sports and media, found their owners.

Yeditepe University Dilek Volunteers have been selecting the best of the year with the surveys they have organized for Yeditepe University students since 2013. As a result of the surveys conducted this year, the best of the year, which was selected by more than 10 thousand students, received their awards at the ceremony. The 10th Yeditepe University’s Dilek Awards ceremony was held at the İnan Kıraç Hall of the university. The ceremony was attended by Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl, Yeditepe University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aydın, guests and many spectators. 

The income from the night where the awards are given at Yeditepe University will be transferred as a resource for the social responsibility projects that are carried out by Dilek Volunteers.


Yeditepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl, who participated in the event, said, "As academics, we are working to deliver you the best possible education and for you to have knowledge and skills at the international level. However, what’s more important than these is being a good person. I heartfeltly congratulate you with all having goodness within you, for delivering it to other people, and for making them smile, even if just a little. I feel lucky to have you as students!

Emir Can İğrek, who won the 'Best Song of the Year Award' with his song titled “Kor” has said: "It is very nice to be here, you guys. Being a good person is contagious! A better world, a fairer world, another world is possible.

Eda Baba, who was selected as the 'Best Female Singer', said that she is very happy as someone who has fulfilled her childhood dream and that it is the first award she has received in a long time and that she is proud of receiving the award.

Nükhet Duru, who was awarded the 'Lifetime Honor Award', participated via a phone call for she could not attend the ceremony due to her illness. Duru spoke to the guests and stated that she was happy to receive the award, and that she was very sorry for not being able to attend.


At the ceremony, awards were presented in 28 different categories including culture, art, sports and media.

While Nükhet Duru was deemed worthy of the 'Lifetime Honorary Award', Mary Jane was selected as the 'Best Newcomer Group'. Emir Can İğrek received the 'Best Song' award with his song ‘Kor’. Eda Baba received the award 'Best Female Singer' while Kenan Doğulu received the award 'Best Male Singer' and Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut received the award 'Best Music Group'.

While Alya Sude Mazak received the 'Best Child Actress' award, the 'Best Breakthrough Actress' award was given to İpek Yazıcı and the 'Best Actress' award was given to Zerrin Tekindor. While the 'Best Actor in a Theatre' award was given to Reha Özcan, the 'Best Theater Play' award was given to Cimri and the 'Best Actress' award was given to Hazal Kaya. The 'Best Series' award was given to ‘Yargı’ and the 'Best Actor' award was given to Selahattin Paşalı.

The 'Best Tabloid Program' award went to Show TV’s “Cumartesi Sürprizi” while the 'Best TV Channel' award went to Fox TV. The 'Best News Program' award went to Selçuk Tepeli and Fox News. The 'Best Competition Program' award went to “Kelime Oyunu, the 'Best Talk Show Program' award went to Teras Noir, and the 'Best Sports Program' award went to Beyaz Futbol.

While Ala Tokel was selected as the 'Best Social Media Phenomenon', the 'Best Youtube Channel' award went to ‘Noluyo Ya?’, and the 'Best Podcast' award was given to ‘Bu Mu Yani?”. The 'Best Female Athlete award was given to Hande Baladın while 'Best Male Athlete' award was given to Mete Gazoz. The 'Best E-Sports Team' award was given to Galatasaray E-Sports team while the 'Best E-sports Player' award was given to Berk Kocaman, The 'Best Application' award was given to Help Steps.