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Yeditepe University 36 26. Department of Management Information Systems Thesis/Non-thesis Executive Master’s Program in Management Information Systems The discipline of management information systems is an interdisciplinary academic field that examines the ways in which information systems can be effectively used to solve business problems today. It involves the collective use of human power, technology and systems, where businesses use technology and how they use it as an important indicator for increasing productivity and competitiveness. Computer hardware, software, and networks play an important role in this regard. In this fast-developing field, creative executives who are specialized and able to follow innovations will be more effective in determining technical and business goals. The creation of a work plan, the effective use of software that includes programs and data structures, and the organization and security of network and internet operations can be provided by experts in Management Information Systems trained within this program. Course Examples from the Program Technical Principles of Business Information Systems Management, Organization and Change Database Management Systems Strategic Management in Contemporary Businesses Computational Statistics and Time Series Analysis Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Avadis Simon HACİNLİYAN Contact Person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aşkın DEMİRAĞ E-mail: