When was your university founded and what is its status?

The university is a foundation university which was established in 1996 by İSTEK Foundation under the leadership of Bedrettin Dalan.

Are there any other schools and hospitals as part of your foundation?

Within the scope of our foundation, there are the ISTEK Schools that provide education from kindergarten level to secondary level, as well as the Yeditepe University Hospital, Yeditepe University Specialized Hospital, Dental Hospital, Eye Diseases Research and Application Center, Bağdat Street Polyclinics, Tissue Typing Laboratory, Acupuncture Application Clinic and Genetic Diagnosis Center.

How is transportation to the university provided?

Yeditepe University 26 August campus is located in Ataşehir, a city center on a very easy route in terms of transportation. It can be easily accessed from public transportation centers like Taksim, Üsküdar, Kadıköy, (Metrobus Uzuncayır), Metro (Marmaray), Bostanci, Kartal. For information on transportation service busses call (0216) 578 01 34 - (0216) 578 01 35 - (0216) 578 01 36 - (0216) 578 01 13.

To what locations are there service busses available from your university?

A total of 410 vehicles are provided. A minibus fleet of 330 vehicles is working for İSTEK Foundation Schools and a midibus fleet of 80 vehicles for Yeditepe University students and staff. Service busses to campus from various districts are provided between 08.00 - 12.00 pm (hourly) and from campus to different districts between 12.00 - 19.00 pm (hourly In order to facilitate the access of our students to our campus, we offer free shuttle services between Kozyatağı Metro Station and Yeditepe University on weekdays and between Kadıköy-Yeditepe University and Taksim-Yeditepe University on Fridays and Saturdays.

How is transportation within the campus provided?

There are frequent free ring services within the campus.

Are all the departments located at the Kayışdağı campus?

Our students at the Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Medicine continue their education at hospitals at different locations after completing their preparatory education and basic courses at the Kayışdağı campus.

Where is the Faculty of Dentistry located?

The Faculty of Dentistry and the Dental Hospital are located at Bağdat Street.

How many laboratories and studios do you have at the university?

There are 175 laboratories and 46 studios at our university.

Do you have a Knowledge Center at your university?

Yes we do. Our Knowledge Center has two floors and our students are able to access many sources, information and research around the world whenever they need. Our Center is a member of the Online Computer Library Center, where 80,000 libraries are members in the world. Our Knowledge Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the social facilities on campus?

There are 4 restaurants and 4 cafes serving 4500 people, a 1200 people capacity congress hall, a conference hall with a capacity for 250 people, a movie theater for 100 people, a theater hall for 100 people, 2 multipurpose rooms, a 250 square meters television training studio and its units, a 150 square meters radio training studio unit and open green areas.

In addition, there is a bookshop, bank, mini market, women's and men's hairdresser, clothing store, souvenir and cosmetics merchandise mini perfumery on the entrance floor of our Social Facilities building.

What are the sports facilities at your university?

Students can engage in various sports activities at the sports facilities which include two indoors basketball courts: one 620 square meters and the other 550 square meters, outdoors basketball, volleyball, tennis and mini-football grounds, a squash hall and a fitness center built on a 708 square meters area, and indoors and outdoors a semi-Olympic swimming pool.

What are the health services at the university?

The doctor and nurses who are work 24/7 are available to the students and employees of Yeditepe University for emergency health interventions. These interventions include examinations, vaccinations, small surgical interventions, dressings, injections, serum, observation services and so on. In the infirmary, an ambulance service is provided for students and employees 24 /7.

What kind of opportunities are available for disabled students at your university?

Yeditepe University Students with Disability Counseling and Coordination Unit was established in 2010 with the aim of expanding and increasing the support given to people with disabilities at Yeditepe University. The aim of this unit is to prepare the necessary academic environment for students with disabilities registered at our university and to ensure their full participation in educational activities (exams, assistantship services, reading resources, etc.). In this context, there are platform elevators at certain points of the campus, ramps at the entrance of faculty buildings and a total of 62 disabled WCs.


How can I study at Yeditepe University?

Admission of students to the undergraduate programs of our university is done centrally by OSYM as it is at other universities in Turkey. The placement is made within the quotas recommended by the university each year and approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). Quotas, scores and achievement rankings can be found in that year’s OSYS guide.

Are there departments that admit students via a special aptitude test at Yeditepe University?

The Graphic Design, Plastic Arts and Painting, Fashion and Textile Design and Theater Departments, which are affiliated to the Faculty of Fine Arts at our university, admit students via a special aptitude test. Please visit our Faculty of Fine Arts page for application requirements.

What departments are there at your university?

Our university offers undergraduate education at 72 programs in 13 Faculties and 1 School of Applied Sciences. For our faculties and departments please visit our “Prospective Students” page.

What is the language of education at Yeditepe University?

The language of education at our university is English. There are three programs at our university that provide training outside of English: The German International Business Administration program, the Russian Language and Literature program and the Political Science and International Relations program in French (apart from the English one).

How long is the period of study at Yeditepe University?

We have undergraduate programs offering 4-5-6 years of education excluding Preparatory School.

Do you have two-year associate degree programs at your university?

Two-year associate degree programs are not yet available at our university. However, we are in the process of preparing for 4 programs.

I did not pass the 150-180 score requirement. Can I still enroll at your university?

Students who did not pass the score requirements or cannot be placed at our university via the central placement system or by special aptitude tests cannot register at the university. However, they can attend classes with a special student status. The next year, the student can enter the exam and enroll at our university.

How can I benefit from additional placement?

Students are accepted via additional placement to open quotas at universities on dates announced by the OSYM.

Can I study through vertical transfer at your university?

Our university accepts students through vertical transfer (VTE). Information on quotas and scores can be found in the Vertical Transfer Guide issued by the OSYM every year in July.

How are internal and external student transfer procedures regulated at your university?

Student transfers are possible according to the rules determined by YÖK. Three types of student transfers are possible: internal, external based on GPA and transfers based on Central Placement Scores.


Internal student transfers can be made from an undergraduate program to another undergraduate program within the university provided that they meet the transition requirements announced each year. Transfers cannot take place with the first two semesters and last two semesters of the undergraduate programs.

In order to apply for transfer between undergraduate programs, it is required that the central placement score that is taken for the undergraduate program that the student wants to transfer that year to is not less than the lowest point of the undergraduate programs of other universities in the country equivalent to the undergraduate program.


General rules and principles of external student transfers are announced on the web page of the university once a year in June. The details can be visited on our web page.


The third type of student transfers is the type of internal and external transfer based on central placement scores. The general rules and principles of this type of transfers are published twice each year in June and January, and announced on our university website. For further information, please visit our student transfers page on our website.

What is the duration of education in student transfers?

The time spent apart from the language preparatory class is included in the education period. In this context, the total length of education in two programs for a student who has been transferred from any four-year undergraduate program to another four-year undergraduate program cannot exceed seven years. The duration of education cannot exceed eight years for five-year programs and nine years for six-year programs.

Are there transfers possible to programs that require special aptitude?

Transfers to departments that admit students via a special aptitude tests are possible. In internal student transfers to programs that admit students based on the Special Aptitude Test, candidates need to take the Special Aptitude Test in addition to fulfilling other the requirements.

How is foreign language proficiency measured in student transfers?

At Yeditepe University, candidates must be able to prove that their foreign language proficiency is sufficient to be able to apply for transfers. A English Proficiency Exam is done on the day, time and place announced by the Rectorate. Students who score the minimum score 79 from the TOEFL IBT test or  550 from the TOEFL PBT test are considered exempt from the English Preparatory Program (TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years.).

Can I become a guest student at your university?

It is possible for applicants who are graduates or students of a higher education institution to take courses offered at our university under the status of "Guest Student" for information purposes without being registered at any program. Applications of guest students for any semester are examined and decided by the faculty or the Board of Higher Education by taking the opinion of the related department. This decision determines which courses or programs students are allowed to follow. Guest students are given a certificate showing the courses and grades they have taken with their guest student ID. No diplomas are given to guest students.

Do foreign students have additional rights?

Foreign students can apply to our undergraduate programs. Students will be required to submit documents such as a high school diploma (transcript) and an English proficiency certificate. For details, please refer to the International Yeditepe tab of our website.

Are there double major and minor programs at Yeditepe University?

In addition to our undergraduate degree programs, our students are given the opportunity to study in a major program to allow them to have a second undergraduate diploma (double major) or a specific field knowledge in a different program within the university (minor) provided that they meet the requirements.

Students who want to do a double major (DMP) can apply the earliest at the third semester and the latest at the fifth semesters at a four-year program, the seventh semester at a five-year program and the ninth semester at a six-year program in the periods indicated in the academic calendar. Those who want to make a minor can apply the earliest at the third semester.

Students who want to do a minor program can apply the earliest at the third semester and the latest at the fifth semesters at a four-year program, the seventh semester at a five-year program and the ninth semester at a six-year program in the periods indicated in the academic calendar. For more information please visit the Double Major (DPM) – Minor Programs section of our web site.

What are the admission conditions to a double major or minor program?

A student must have successfully completed all the courses he has taken in the program of which he has been enrolled until the time he applied for a double major or minor program. In order to start the DMP and Minor programs, a learning protocol must be signed between the relevant departments, which includes additional courses, equivalent courses and common courses, and this protocol should be accepted by the university senate.


To apply for a double major program, student should have at least 2.75 GPA and should be at the top 20% of his or her main program’s success ratings; or should have at least 2.75 GPA and should have a placement exam score above the minimum score of the double major program. For students seeking a double major in programs that require a certain success rating, apart from the other requirements defined hereby in these guidelines, they should meet the success rating criteria that is defined by the Council of Higher Education for the related program in the registration year.

(Success rating method is applied since 2019-2020 Spring term.)

For admissions to a DPM that requires a special aptitude test, the students have to take the special aptitude test.

Minor Programs

In order to apply to a minor program, the GPA must be at least 2.50 out of 4.00. Students who complete a minor program are given a minor program certificate. For more information please visit the Double Major (DPM) – Minor Programs section of our web site.

Can I do a double major and minor as a scholarship student at your university?

The requirement to study a double major as a scholarship student is a 3.25 GPA out of 4.00. In order to make a minor program as a scholarship student, your GPA should be 3.00 over 4.00.

What is the minimum GPA required to continue a Double Major and Minor program?

During double major education, the student's second major overall grade average may be reduced to 2.50 for one time. If the general grade average falls below 2.50 for the second time, the student is dropped from the second major degree program.

In order for the student to continue to the minor program, the average grade in the major program must be at least 2.30. Students are dropped from the minor program if they cannot provide this condition.

Students are dropped from the double major and/or minor program if they do not take courses from the double major and minor program for two consecutive semesters.

Can students drop their double major and minor programs if they want to?

The student may drop the double major or branch schedule on his / her own request or under the conditions stipulated in the undergraduate regulations. If the student has left a DMP or minor program, he / she is not obliged to repeat the failed lessons in the DMP or minor program.

Is there a summer school at your university? Do scholarship students have to pay for it?

Our university provides summer school education. Summer school is not compulsory. It is up to the students to decide whether to study at summer school. Students who are placed in full scholarship quota do not pay fees for summer school education. Students who are placed in 50% scholarship pay 50% of the summer education fee, Students who are placed in 25% scholarship pay 75% of the summer education fee, and students who have no scholarship pay the full tuition fee for summer education based on the courses they take.

Are there Master’s Degree and Doctorate programs at Yeditepe University?

Yeditepe University maintains its academic activities with 83 Master’s Degree and 43 doctorate and artistic proficiency programs in 6 graduate schools. At our university, there are Science, Educational Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Atatürk Principles and Revolution History and European Studies Graduate Schools. Please visit our “Graduate Programs” section under “Academic” at our website.

Üniversitenizde danışmanlık sistemi var mı? Do you have an academic advisor system at your university.

Every student who starts studying at a faculty at our university is appointed an academic advisor.

Is there a unit at your university where students can get psychological support during their education?

Our “Individual Development and Support Center” provides guidance and consultancy services to help our students in their academic, social and personal development.


What are the scholarship opportunities at your university?

Yeditepe University rewards scholarships for successful students in different amounts depending on education abroad, graduate education, free accommodation, meals and success rates. Scholarships for students include the length of time spent at the Foreign Language Preparatory Program. For more information, please visit our Scholarships page.

Under what circumstances are scholarships terminated?

Scholarships continue during the normal period of education at the program in which the student is placed (10 semesters for 4-year programs, 12 semesters for 5-year programs, 14 semesters for 6-year programs) regardless of academic achievement including the period spent at the Mandatory Foreign Language Preparatory Program. If you are scholarship student who is studying at a double-major program, 1 semester is added to these periods.

What are the scholarships opportunities that you provide to top ranking students?

Students who are placed in programs that take SAY, SÖZ and EA type students, for 9 months a year during the preparatory class and during the normal education period are given: 1750 TL per month for those who rank among the first 100, 1500 TL per month for those among the first 500, 1250 TL per month for the first 1000, 1000 TL per month for the first 2000 and 750 TL per month for the first 5000, 500 TL for the first 10.000, and 300 TL for the ones who rank among the first 15.000.  In addition to these, free access to sport facilities in the social facilities of the university. The ones who ranked among the first 5000 can choose free stay at twin rooms in the student residency halls, for the ones who ranked among the first 5001 – 20.000 free stay at quad rooms. Free transportation opportunities are provided for students who do not want to use the residence halls.

Furthermore, students who are placed in programs that take DİL type students and rank among the first 100, for 9 months a year during the preparatory class and during the normal education period are given 500 TL. Students who rank among the first 200 are given free access to sport facilities in the social facilities of the university, if they chose to free stay at twin rooms in the student residency halls, and free transportation opportunities if they do not want to use the residence halls.

Students who have been placed with a SAY, SÖZ, and EA score types into a program and are among the first 15.000 in their relevant score type (among the first 200 for Dİl-1 score types) have the right to participate for a semester (provided they meet the conditions required) in a student exchange program with American, Canadian and European universities in which the university has signed a protocol.

For more information, please visit our Scholarships page.

Do you have any tuition deduction for preferring to be placed at your university?

There is a 25% discount support to the relevant tuition fee if the student is placed to the program which was among the top 5 choices in the selection process. This support is available for 2019 YKS candidate students who choose the following programs from Table 4: Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Philosophy, Sociology, History, Economics, Public Administration, Political Science and International Relations (English), Advertising Design and Communication, Biomedical Engineering, International Logistics and Transportation, International Trade and Management. As well as Political Science and International Relations (French) for student coming from French Medium Instruction secondary schools, and International Business Management (German) (exclusing UOLP programs) coming from German Medium Instruction secondary schools.

In addition, there is a 25% additional support to the related tuition fee programs for the graduates of the related school type and field of vocational and technical secondary education institutions for the Faculty of Fine Arts programs at Table 5 of our University.

Do you provide food support for students at your university?

Students who have been placed into one of their first 5 choices with a SAY, SÖZ, AE score into a program, and students who are among the first 15.000 in their relevant score type (among the first 100 for DİL score types) receive food support for 9 month during their education period in addition to the opportunities mentioned above.

Is there a Scholarship for athletes at your college?

Students who are accepted to university sports teams in the fields of basketball, volleyball and handball and who participate in national competitions on behalf of the university in individual sports are given scholarships to cover 50% of the tuition fee including the Foreign Language Preparation Program.

Can a student receive two scholarships at the same time?

Two scholarships are not applied at the same time. The higher scholarship is applied.

Do you have a Master’s Degree scholarship? Under which conditions is a scholarship granted?

If you graduate as the first at your undergraduate program, you will be able to receive full scholarship in the graduate programs of the university, 60% scholarship if you graduate as second and 40% scholarship if you graduate as third provided that your GPA is above 3.0 and you start the graduate program right after you graduate.

Students who graduate from programs that have the right to do a doctorate without a Master's degree benefit from the above mentioned scholarship opportunities in the university's doctoral programs under the same conditions. Students who graduate from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry cannot benefit from this program in their doctoral programs that have specialty equivalence. The above-mentioned graduate scholarship opportunities can only be used once.

Are there any scholarships offered at the University for IB, Abitur, Matura, Maturita and French Baccalaureate Students? If so, what are the conditions?

For students with an IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma grade 32 and above, ABITUR diploma grade 2.0 and above, MATURA diploma grade 2.0 and above, MATURITA diploma grade 80 and above and French Baccalaureate diploma grade at least 14 (at least 70 diploma grade by a Turkish high school equal to the French Baccalaureate), a 25% discount is applied on the tuition fee if they are placed in a non-scholarship quota with the condition that Yeditepe University was among their the top 5 choices. IB (International Baccalaureate) students may be exempted from some courses in the first year of the program in which they are placed depending on the basic courses taken and their grades

What are the scholarship opportunities for ISTEK Foundation High School graduates?

Students who received a diploma by having studied at least three (3) years at a İSTEK Foundation High School, or who have received a diploma by having studied at least five (5) years at a primary and secondary school, and are placed at a Yeditepe University program among their top five (5) preferences:

Receive a 25% scholarship if they are placed in a full paid program

Receive a 50% scholarship if they are placed in a 25% scholarship program.

Receive a 75% scholarship if they are placed in a 50% scholarship program.

If they are placed in a 100% scholarship program, students receive food support.

Under which conditions does your university provide an “Achievement Scholarship”?

Students who have been placed at Yeditepe University in accordance with the principles set by the higher councils of the university receive the following discounts in the relevant year provided that the minimum number of students in the program is 35:

75% tuition fee discount in the following academic year for the top first student

50% tuition fee discount in the following academic year for the top second student

25% tuition fee discount in the following academic year for the top third student

This scholarship ends after its relevant academic year.

Where can I find information about Yeditepe University tuition fees?

On our website at the “Prospective Students” section.


How does English Preparatory education take place at Yeditepe University?

The English Preparatory Program consists of three levels: A-B1 and B2. At the beginning of each academic year, a Foreign Language Proficiency Test takes place on the day, hour and place to be announced by the Rectorate. The student who gets at least 60 points out of 100 is considered successful. Newly registered students who fail or do not take the Foreign Language Proficiency Test must take the Foreign Language Placement Test.

The levels of the students are determined according to the points they have obtained from the test and they are placed in one of the Foreign Language Preparatory Education groups.

What score is needed from the TOEFL exam to be exempted from the English Preparatory Program.

A student who certifies that he has received 79 of the TOEFL IBT exam or 550 of the TOEFL PBT exam two years prior to the exam day is exempted from the foreign language examination. Exam centers which are valid for TOEFL exam are listed below. Exams taken outside these centers are not valid. The IELTS test is not valid at our institution.

Valid TOEFL Exam centers are as follows:

1. Yeditepe University                   İSTANBUL   - Center Code: STN20056A

2. Istanbul Technical University      İSTANBUL   - Center Code: ITTR153A

3. Middle East Technical University ANKARA      - Center Code: STN10463A

Students who will take the TOEFL exam must use code 7050, the institution code of Yeditepe University. The results must be sent directly to the Preparatory School by the TOEFL Center in order for the results to be accepted.

Those who do not submit a TOEFL certificate are required to pass the English Proficiency Exam organized by Yeditepe University English Preparatory Department. The above-mentioned conditions for the German, French and Russian language programs are determined separately for each of the relevant languages.

Is attendance at the English Preparatory School compulsory?

Yes, attending preparatory school education is compulsory.

What other languages can I learn at your university apart from English?

Apart from the compulsory foreign language at the program, other foreign language options are available to students: German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean. Students benefit from language options free of charge and receive certification when they complete their required language training.

In which departments are there compulsory and non-credit foreign language lessons? What are the requisites?

You can take German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and English courses with or without credits. Turkish language education is also given for foreigners. The number and variety of languages can change according to the course demands every year. For more information you can visit the “School of Foreign Languages” section at our website.

What departments do not require mandatory language preparatory courses?

Only at the Turkish Language and Literature department is it optional to take language courses at the preparatory school. In all other departments, students who are not successful in the language proficiency exam are required to study at a language preparatory school.

Is there a possibility that I can take preparatory education abroad?

Our students can get English Preparatory Education in Canada if they wish to do so under the agreement with the Canadian Global Village Language School. For more information please visit the English Preparatory Program page on our website.

Questions About Student Residence Halls

Are the residence halls located at the campus?

Yes, the residence halls are located at the campus?

 What is the capacity of your residence halls?

The residence halls for men and women have a capacity of 3 thousand 270 beds and one student hotel at our university campus.

What are your residence hall opportunities?

The majority of the dormitory rooms are for two persons. The rooms have a en-suite toilets and showers, mini refrigerators, desks for each student, chairs, glass bookshelves, mirrored wardrobes and other furniture made of non-inflammable material. A 24-hour internet connection is also available.

Students staying at the halls can benefit from 24 hours of uninterrupted Knowledge Center services as well as Social Facilities such as the Restaurant, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, Fitness Center, Squash Hall, Sauna and a Turkish Bath.

What are Residence Hall Fees?

Fee information can be found on our website in the accommodation section under the “Our University” tab.

Questions About Student Clubs

Are there student clubs your university?

There are 52 Student Clubs active at our university. Detailed information about our clubs can be found on our “Student Clubs“ page.

Is membership at student clubs for free?

Yes, students can be members of one or more clubs for free.

Questions About Opportunities Abroad

Do you have ERASMUS and Student Exchange Programs at your university?

We have Erasmus and Exchange agreements with leading universities in the world, mainly in Europe, America, Canada, China, Korea and the Far East. Our university, which has 510 Erasmus agreements, also offers its students the opportunity to receive training and internship abroad. We also have 143 exchange agreements. Our University is the first foundation university that passed the European Universities Association Institutional Evaluation Program in our country. For more information please visit our International Office page.

Do you have Dual Degree Programs at your university?

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration has a joint dual degree program with the University of North Carolina Wilmington and Department of Economics have one with Huron university at Western - Canada. In addition, the Department of International Business Administration (German) has a dual diploma agreement with FH-KIEL Applied Science University in Germany. The Physics department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences also has an exchange agreement with the Coe College - USA.

Is your university diploma valid abroad?

Yeditepe University, which is the first foundation university in Turkey to have passed the European University Association (EUA) Institutional Evaluation Program with its pioneering education approach, has proven its quality with the inspections of national and international accreditation institutions. Yeditepe University, which has successfully passed many accreditation processes, educates with the aim of improving the quality of education every day, provides opportunities for students and faculty members to take part in international projects with the international cooperation agreements it has signed.

Questions About Career Development and Alumni Relations

Does your university work to support the career development of your students?

To support our students in their personal development in the business world, our “Career Development and Alumni Relations” office at the university helps our students to prepare for real life by cooperating with the business world and on issues such as mentoring programs, creating resumes on career days activities and providing consultancy services for job and internship applications.