Yeditepe University Press

Yeditepe University Press has been established in May 2014, aiming to reach both academic circles and general audience with its publications.

Under the chairmanship of Prof. Ahmet Aydın, editing commitee reviews various publications from different fields such as; social sciences, architecture, chemistry, history, medicine, law, philosophy, arts. With its publications it is aimed to contribute not only to the academic world but also to the general cultural environment of our country.

Publication proposals received by Yeditepe University Press are being reviewed by the field expert referees and after the approval, they are being included within the related publication programme.

The mission of our publication house is not only the transformation of knowledge, but also contribute to the academicians, students and the community in the widest sense; complying with the publishing principles and maintaining the professionalism.

For your publication proposals you may contact to publication directors

Özge Özgür and Didem Bayindir Yenici or 0216 578 00 00 (3716 int.).



         Publisher                       : Yeditepe University Press

         ISBN                              : 9789753070669

         Size                               : 16 x 16 cm

         Language                      : English

         Pages                            : 80 pages

         Category                       : Food Culture

         List Price                      : 20 TL


"Gastronomy is the knowledge and understanding of all that relates to man as he eats” Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)



         Publisher                  : Yeditepe University Press

         Publishing year         : 12/2014

         ISBN                          : 978 975 3070 64 5

         Language                  : Turkish

        Category                    : Minorities- Ethnical/Memoir- Letter/ Historical Studies

        List Price                   : 20 TL






This study focuses on the actions of Boghos Nubar at European capitals, who has been assigned as the Head of the Armenian National Committe by Armenian Patriarch in Caucasia,between the years 1915-1918. Ataöy has been the first, by making use of Boghos Nubar's documents with his critical approach and included in his book.  



        Publisher                : Yeditepe University Press(12/2014)

        ISBN                        : 9789753070652

       Size                          : 17 x 24 cm

       Language                 : English

       Pages                      : 468 pages

      Category                  : Academic/Arts/Technology

      List Price                 : 80 TL




The development of energy using technologies contributed to development of secondary technologies. Electrical energy has been created from vapor, communication technologies have been created from electrical technologies and the artists have transformed these to their artworks. ARTISTIC NARRATIVE OF TECHNOLOGY is following these technological developments via paintings.



            Publisher                 : Yeditepe University Press

            ISBN                         : 978-975-307-067-6

            Size                          : 20 x 28 cm

            Language                 : Turkish

           Pages                        : 468 pages

           List Price                   : 70 TL





Is my diagnosis right? Which tests I should ask for? Which medicine? Which dosage? Surgical operation or medical treatment? Refer to the hospital or not ?

These are a few questions passing through the minds of every new physician. Yaşar Küçükardalı and Başar Atalay have not only prepared this safest source book for newly graduates but also for the experienced physicians seeking for an answer in critical moments. 



      Publisher                 : Yeditepe University Press

      ISBN                         : 978-975-307-068-3

      Size                          : 21,5 x 27,5 cm

      Language                : English

      Pages                       : 712 pages

      List Price                : 140 TL






The Magnificient Biochemical Architecture of the Human Body

This book has come into being  after a long–termed study of Prof. İnci Özden, as one of the most important reference book for the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry.