About Yeditepe

Our university was founded in 1996 by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (ISTEK). In line with Atatürk's principles and with the contribution of a pioneering and distinguished academic and administrative staff, Yeditepe University aims to educate students who are inquisitive, innovative, well-equipped with technological skills, well-versed in world culture, have a solid identity, and are equipped with all the qualifications required by the business world. With its up-to-date academic programs and training, Yeditepe University offers an education compatible with the expectations of the information age.

Yeditepe University carries out its academic activities via 6 departments at the School of Applied Sciences and 13 faculties namely the Faculties of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Education, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Engineering, Architecture, Health Sciences, Medicine and Commerce entailing 77 undergraduate, 4 associate degree programs. The university also offers 82 MA and 43 PhD programs in the Graduate Schools of Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolution, Educational Sciences, Science, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences. Since its establishment, Yeditepe University, whose language of education is English, has been preparing young people for life from all over Turkey on the 26 Ağustos campus.

Yeditepe University offers education on the “26 Ağustos” campus that is designed to meet the requirements of students for education, culture, art, sports and a spectrum of various needs. The 26 Ağustos campus is located on the Asian side of Istanbul with its own architecture on the skirts of the Kayışdağı hill, with an area of 125 thousand square meters and a closed area of 223 thousand square meters. Inspired by Seljuk Architecture, the 26 August campus consists of educational buildings and social facilities and they are surrounded by two separate student dormitories with a total capacity of 4,250 students.
Voted first among private universities in Turkey by Green Metric which is an international platform for sustainability and environmental awareness and determines the greenest universities in the world, Yeditepe University is the only university in Turkey that can produce its own energy with a solar energy system that is built on a roof in the campus. The system, which has the largest roof application facility in Istanbul, has a capacity of 1 MW and used 3850 Axitec panels and a Hawei inverter. At the same time, the university has started work on a wind energy investment of 350 KW in Şile. The solar energy panel works will continue until 10 MW is reached.

The entrances to the buildings are through grand portals, some of which have a height of 22 meters. With their well-lit courtyards, these are modern structures with the typical features of Selchuk architecture. The surfaces of the buildings are covered with natural stone brought from Anatolia. To keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter, Ünye stone was used in the facades of the building, and polyurethane for the heat panels.

Yeditepe University, which is engaged in a wide range of academic activities from science to social sciences, from fine arts to health sciences and educational sciences, provides its students with double major, minor and overseas training opportunities and brings them together with training that is appropriate to the requirements of the developing world. In addition to its academic activities, it also allows students to develop themselves through its 44 student clubs and activities on campus. With 42 major achievements in sports, it ranks at the highest levels among universities every year.

Yeditepe University has established over 700 collaborations with leading universities in the world, especially in Europe, America, Canada, Russia, South America and the Far East. Yeditepe holds the flag among foundation universities with the most foreign Erasmus and Exchange students, and is stepping up with its Academic Cooperation Agreement with Houston Methodist Global which includes Faculty of Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Business Administration. One of the priorities of Yeditepe University is its successful "university-industry" cooperation projects that we believe to be essential for students.

The Yeditepe University Automotive Club, where students from various departments of our university are involved, continues to work actively. The club, which is entitled to participate at the TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge electric vehicle competition in 2018, continues to work on the design and production of the vehicle. In addition, the Yeditepe University Shell Eco-Marathon team, which has regularly participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition since 2010, will represent us with the support of our university and companies in the Electric Vehicle category at a competition which will be organized in London and attract 3000 students from 200 teams.

Yeditepe University founded Yeditepe Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. in 2005 to combine academic expertise with the marketing expertise of a dynamic company. Over the years, our company has brought many maintenance products to the market with the aim of raising healthier generations and eliminating factors that negatively affect human health and produced the organic fertilizer Bactogen brand with an Innovative Agriculture philosophy. Bactogen products take their power from the expert staff of Yeditepe University Genetics and Bioengineering department and laboratories equipped with the latest technology. www.bactogen.com

As a dynamic higher education institution, Yeditepe University continues to grow and develop itself every year. The main objective of our university is to increase the quality of education, to produce science for society, to spread its activities to other parts of the community by increasing scientific contributions to industry and society.

In addition, as an academic institution, we also aim to continue to work in scientific studies, to increase the number of foreign agreements and number of patents and provide the country with more qualified graduates.

With an understanding of education at global standards, Yeditepe University, the first foundation university in Turkey to be awarded by the European University Association (EUA) Institutional Evaluation Program, has been qualified following inspections of national and international accreditation institutions. Yeditepe University, having been accredited in 12 fields and successfully passing many accreditation processes, continues on its course with the aim of constantly improving its quality of education, thus providing students and faculty members the opportunity to participate in international projects with its international cooperation agreements. Faculty of Dentistry, has Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and BS-EN-ISO 9001 quality assurance system certificates. The faculty, which has received the JCI accreditation for the third time has achieved another first in Turkey. It successfully passed the pre-audit of the American Dental Association (ADA) training accreditation in October 2014. In 2008, the faculty received the ISO 9001 Certificate in the field of faculty, education and patient services, the EFP European Federation of Periodontology accreditation in 2005 for periodontology graduate education, and the Association for Dental Education in Europe (EAEE) accreditation for dentistry education. The EFP audit was approved in 2014 and accredited up to 2022.

Faculty of Pharmacy, has achieved a first among foundation university pharmacy faculties by getting “Full Accreditation” for six years by the Accreditation Board of National Pharmaceutical Education (ECZAK) and the Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Programs (ECZAKDER).

Faculty of Education, is a member of the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN) and is in anticipation of accreditation for its Turkish Language and Literature Teaching, English Language Teaching and Guidance and Psychological Counseling programs. In addition to the Departments of Philosophy and Physics at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the departments of Anthropology, Translation and Interpretation Studies, Sociology, History, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, Sociology and History also secured their qualifications by receiving a five-year FEDEK certificate. The Metrology (calibration) laboratory in the Physics Department was accredited by TÜRKAK as per TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards.

Faculty of Engineering, was accredited by the Association of Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation (MÜDEK) in the fields of Computer, Electrical-Electronics, Genetics, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Mechanics, Industrial and Systems Engineering. Following the third inspection, it was recognized as the first Education Center in Turkey.

Faculty of Medicine, received full accreditation from the Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs (UTEAK / TEPDAD) as a result of on-site evaluation by the visiting team of the National Medical Education Accreditation Board (UTEAK). In addition, the Yeditepe University Hospital was accredited with the entire system and its standards by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the most important leader of health standards in the world. The result of the third inspection was that it was recognized as the first Education Center in Turkey.

The Office of Technology Transfer was founded for the purpose of transforming scientific knowledge and experience into technology and economic value, cultivating University-Industry cooperation as well as achieving process sustainability and turning regional industry into a highly innovative national and global entity deriving its strength from science and technology.

Yeditepe University, the first university in Turkey to produce both knowledge and information, realized 186 international patents in 10 years. Since 2006, 153 projects supported by TÜBİTAK, 25 projects supported by the European Union and other international organizations and 15 projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Industry – San-Tez have been conducted at our university. 68 active projects are being conducted presently: 51 TÜBİTAK projects, 1 EU project, 4 Ministry of Science and Industry projects, 4 Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and 8 projects by other organizations. Whilst conducting dissertation studies in collaboration with doctorate programs at our university as well as private sector industries, 68 national and 125 international patent applications have been made. 27 nationally registered patent documents and 48 internationally registered patent documents have been obtained. Efforts have been made to commercialize the patents obtained and the production phase has begun.

We still have 193 pending patent applications. An Entrepreneurship Workshop was established in 2016 to promote the commercialization of research outputs and to encourage academics and students to establish companies and a Yeditepe Technopark construction with a 5,000 m2 is continuing rapidly.
Yeditepe University has signed cooperation agreements with leading universities in the world: especially in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, South America and the Far East, offering students the opportunity to learn about different cultures, monitor innovations in education and share intercultural experiences. Student Exchange Protocols and Memorandum of Understanding agreements have been signed between the universities in the USA, Canada, China and Russia. In addition to these agreements, bilateral agreements have been signed with more than 700 universities in Europe under the LLP-Long Life Learning Erasmus program. Thanks to its extensive network of collaborators, students and faculty members from different faculties and departments can go abroad to study. We are the leading university among foundation universities with the highest number of Erasmus and Exchange foreign students.

Another important issue in student exchange programs is the smooth transfer of course credits among institutions. The European Credit Transfer System-ECTS has been developed by the European Commission in order to facilitate and support the mobility of students in Europe and in other countries. This system allows comparison and measurement of learning achievements, and the transfer from one educational institution to another. The European community is promoting inter-university cooperation to improve the quality of education. An international environment is being created on campus with faculty exchanges, joint projects, international conferences and seminars. Thanks to its extensive international network of cooperation, all faculty and department students can study abroad and do their internship. Yeditepe University is listed among the "Best Universities in Asia" by London-based higher education rating agency Times Higher Education's (THE). Yeditepe University has more than 700 Erasmus + agreements and is one of the universities that hosts the most European exchange students among universities in Turkey.
The International Office plays an important role in actualizing educational programs, advanced educational opportunities, students and teacher exchange programs, international students’ assistantships and the learning environment on campus.

Among our objectives is to establish cooperation with leading universities in various fields of education and increase our number of international agreements. The purpose of the international office is to inform students of their Erasmus + / Exchange programs and to provide the best possible international experience for the students. In addition, to facilitate the integration process of international students, they are encouraged to participate in cultural activities, social responsibility projects organized in many regions of Turkey, activities on campus, various cultural experiences as well as enchanting tours of Istanbul, a meeting place for East and West and hosting various religions, languages, music and cuisine.
As a research university, Yeditepe University is increasing its contributions to the industry and the community by continuing scientific studies with its 10 Research and Application Centers and 181 laboratory and workshop trainings. Information Systems Application and Research Center: Develops projects within the framework of the needs of the center or stakeholders by organizing seminars and trainings by carrying out theoretical and applied scientific researches and studies in the field of information technologies including information systems, software development and application, communication and data communication.

Dental Medical Education, Practice and Research Center: Focuses on oral and dental health services, education, research, patient services and continuous improvement in national oral and dental health policies. It also meets patient expectations by keeping patient and employee safety in the forefront, preserving an environment of humanistic approach and diversity. www.yeditepedishastanesi.com

Pharmacoeconomic and Pharmacoepidermological Research and Application Center:: Conducting Pharmacoeconomic and pharmacoepidemiological research in cooperation with universities, industry, government and non-governmental organizations in coordination with Yeditepe University Faculty of Pharmacy.

Development and Disabilities Application and Research Center: Developing technology-supported teaching-learning materials by developing teaching designs and related materials by conducting research in field education (such as mathematics, science, social sciences, language) for individuals with special needs. Participating in the implementation studies of the developed designs and materials and sharing their results. engelsiz.yeditepe.edu.tr

The Future Center: Being the first “future center” in Turkey, the center was founded with contributions from Istanbul Development Agency. A future center is a specially designed place catering for the fruition of innovative ideas and approaches outside the norm by individuals or organizations (public, private, NGO)

Ophthalmology Practice and Research Center: It was founded to present the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods in eye disease, to make the latest scientific research, to train superior ophthalmologists, and to provide the necessary facilities for graduate and undergraduate students continuing their education in the field of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Stem Cell Center of Excellence: : Established to perform important projects in the field of stem cell and gene therapy with the support of Istanbul Development Agency. Application of cell and tissue engineering, development and production of cell and gene therapy protocols as well as research, development and implementation of clinical protocols in the treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative, muscular and bone diseases as well as other physiological diseases due to infertility or aging. www.yeditepehastanesi.com.tr

Research and Application Center for Global Education and Culture: Studies various regions with their cultural, social, political and economic aspects. It aims to compare and contrast Turkey's different historical and cultural ties with the region through a combination of comparative and interdisciplinary analysis. kekam.yeditepe.edu.tr

Entrepreneurship Workshop: Consultancy and training services are provided for the activities to be carried out at the point of market analysis, product conversion and commercialization of business ideas which took place at the 7Tepe Innovative Ideas Competition held in 2016. 7tepeyenifikir.yeditepe.edu.tr

Health Services Training, Research and Application Center: Its aim is to conduct scientific research in order to offer the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, especially concerning public health, to provide a modern health service in accordance with needs and expectations, respecting patient rights, and to make academic contributions to the education and practice of the students who are continuing their education at associate, undergraduate and graduate level in the field of health sciences.

Strategic Application and Research Center: The aim of this center is to analyze Turkey’s international relations, to predict the future of these relations, to produce political, military, social, economic, technological and cultural strategic alternatives, to define new thinking models about these issues and to share scientific study results with the public.

Continuing Education Application and Research Center (CEC): By utilizing the knowledge of precious academics and independent experts at our university, this center provides the highest level of educational opportunities on every topic the society needs to increase their quality of life. sem.yeditepe.edu.tr

Turkish Culture Application and Research Center: Contributing to the world of science with scientific methods and techniques, and preparing a scientific framework of the historical and cultural partnership of the Turkish republics and Turkish noble communities and updating them according to contemporary strategy and geopolitical conditions.

Yeditepe University Cosmetic R & D (YUCOS): Yeditepe University ensures the quality of the cosmetics products and services produced at the highest level and ensures that users' demands and expectations are fully met and that the products are used with absolute confidence. cosmetics.yeditepe.edu.tr

Yeditepe University Medical Faculty Experimental Research Center (YEERC): It provides scientists from Yeditepe University and other universities to conduct observations, experiments, projects, research and studies. yudetam.yeditepe.edu.tr

Yeditepe University R & D and Analysis Central Laboratories (YU-RDAC): YU-RDAC is an internationally valid laboratory center of 3500 square meters which provides analysis services for different sectors. It features Industrial Analysis Laboratories and R & D Laboratories, which are serving in the field of Private Food Control Laboratories, Soil-Soil Regulators, Plant and Water Analysis Laboratories, Cosmetics and Biocidal Analysis Laboratories, Drug Analysis Laboratories, Pool Water Analysis Laboratories, Mine Analysis Laboratory and many other fields. These laboratories are accredited on 414 parameters by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Health and accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. At the same time, the Turkish Standards Institute approved the Laboratory as a Service Laboratory. YÜ-RDAC continues to work with the mission of providing accurate and reliable service, developing its experience and knowledge by keeping its competency up to date and providing customer satisfaction. yuagam.yeditepe.edu.tr

Management Practice and Research Center: The center, which is one of the leading centers in its field, was established to produce multidisciplinary research and consulting activities for the public and private sector, to produce new management techniques, methods and models for the resolution of administrative problems by providing university and industry cooperation with the support of scientific literature.

Yeditepe University Communication Agency (CA): Established within the body of Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication, CA ensures that the projects prepared by the students studying in different sections of the faculty, are realized in a real agency environment. ila.yeditepe.edu.tr