prePlus Academy, a program designed for first year students in the English Preparatory Program and offered in Turkish, aims to prepare students for their future studies in their undergraduate program by offering courses in Coding, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Mathematics for Natural Sciences and personal development seminars. Click for details.
REPUBLIC OF TURKEY YEDİTEPE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF EDUCATION ACADEMIC YEAR OF 2019-2020 APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR PEDAGOGICAL FORMATION CERTIFICATE PROGRAM HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 24TH OF JANUARY, 2020. As per the official letter of the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education, numbered 75850160- and dated 31.10.2019, the deadline for applications to the 2019/2020 Academic Year Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program, which will be conducted within the body of Yeditepe University, has been extended until Friday, 24th of January, 2020, for students who are...
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Dear Researchers, 4th International Neuroendocrinology Congress, with the cooperation of Turkish Neuroendocrinology Foundation, will be hosted by our university between 10-12 April 2020. On the first day of the congress, there will be a workshop regarding technological research methods, preparation of a scientific paper and processes of application for international projects. You may visit the congress website for information regarding workshop and congress schedule as well as registering for the congress. ( Deadline for the registration and notice: 31 January...
The Knowledge Center will be closed at the weekend due to inventory counting from 18 January to 3 February and will be open from 09:00 to 18:00 on the same dates. Books will not be borrowed during this period.   Yeditepe University Knowledge Center Follow Us!  
Course RTC 380, Special Topics in Media, which will cover the topics of "National and International Sports Broadcasting and Sports News" and be given by TRT commentator Gökhan Özer, is open for all our students who are interested in the subject.
Course RTC 480, Special Topics in Cinema, which will cover the topics of "Aesthetics, Philosophy and Economy Policy of Film" and be given by screenwriter - art director Abdulcebbar Avcı, is open for all our students who are interested in the subject.